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Why a Devotional Life?

Why a Devotional Life?

“God’s greatest desire is our greatest need – relationship with Him.”

In the last few days, I’ve been very busy with work, household chores, children’s school activities, etc. Sometimes I felt like I just wanted to just walk away, be alone and take my most needed break. Why am I exhausted?

As Christians, we are called to influence. We are not called to be inspired but to be an inspiration. How can I be an influencer or an inspiration to another if I can’t even handle my own circumstances? Yes, I have the desire to reach out for others, but desire is not enough if I myself wasn’t prepared.

Following Jesus’ example, Jesus knew He needed to get away and be alone with God, so he sends the crowds away.-(Mark 6:45-46). Ministry is exhausting. Dealing with people and their issues takes a toll. Being used by God can be physically and mentally demanding. So Jesus seeks rest, especially in the middle of high ministry demands.

Life’s distractions and duties can compete with our desire to spend time with God- then before we know it, we’ve drifted in our devotion to Him. But the Father desires to commune with us on a regular/daily basis. Cultivating an intimate relationship requires a commitment. Just like a close friendship, a good marriage, an intimate relationship with the Lord requires time. We were designed to fellowship with God, and it is the greatest pleasure our souls will ever know on earth.

Jesus withdrew to the mountain to be alone with God and pray before he chose the twelve disciples.-(Luke 6:12-13). He didn’t choose the twelve disciples and then ask God to bless his choice. No, he spent the night in prayer before he chose the twelve. When faced with decisions, whether they appear important or not, we need to follow the example of our Lord.

To grow in relationship with Heavenly Father, we need consistent communion with Him. We have to expose ourselves to the truth if we want to grow. And the same holds true in our spiritual lives. We must act on the truth. It is not enough to know about God. It is not enough to know what God wants you to do. It is not enough to know how to apply his word. If we are going to build a solid foundation, we must actually DO what God wants us to do. Following the will of the Father meant a life characterized by obedience to all that the Father has commanded. Thus, those who do the will of the Father would be those people who live Godly, holy lives- a life that is consecrated or set apart.

Do you want to grow in your relationship with God?  LET’S LEARN FROM THE MASTER!


Reflection from Pastor Manny de Leon’s preaching

15 January 2012

By: Cristina Gonzales

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