WIN Dublin Sunday Service Video Archives

1The video archives of the Sunday Services are now organized in their respective monthly folders for easier searching. As we have done before, a confidential password is required to access these pages.

Here are the Sunday Service video archives to date. Click on the link below to view the videos organized by year.

2021 Video Archives

2020 Video Archives

2019 Video Archives

2018 Video Archives

2017  Video Archives

2016  Video Archives

2015  Video Archives

2014  Video Archives

2013  Video Archives

If you would like to have access to these video archives. Please send a request to to be given the password. Requests are to be reviewed before being granted.

Please do not share the password to unauthorised users without prior approval from WIN Ireland Church. Please refer new users to request access to this page by emailing the Relationship Department at

If you would like to view the live video streaming, please go to this page: Live Video Streaming Sundays only. The page requires a password that is different from the password of this page.

Thank you,
Relationship Department Website Administrator

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