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Testimony on how the Lord lead me to dance!

Testimony on how the Lord lead me to dance!

Grace and Peace to You!
It is my joy and privilege to testify of the goodness of God and how He brought me to lead the WinGS Creative Arts Dance Ministry.

I’ve always love dancing since age 7, as what my memory could remember. Cultural dance, hip hops, cheering, interpretive dance by solo or as a team and even do bar hopping for disco, all for entertainment & self gratification. These were all before I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and my personal Savior in Middle part of year 2002. As the year progressed, I got involved in dance presentations in the church. Pastor Vic Lopez told me once after seeing us danced to “Who Am I” that i have the gift of dancing that i needed to pray for and to be of used for God’s glory. Having 3 small children in a row, I was out of focus in dancing for God. Four months after Azrielle ( my youngest) was born, I got terribly sick. Kept coming back to GP and hospital for admission & check ups. At those times , God dealt with me in many ways. Above all, a grateful heart to God that gives life. The Neuro doctor told me I had Tolosa Hunt Syndrome of unknown cause and steroid is the only treatment. I was on steroids for 2 years and thank God I was kept free from any major side effect that the medicine could give.I was told by the doctor that there might be remissions. But, all throughout my sickness, I claimed for this verse: “Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NIV). To God, my highest praise and worship for healing me. In my heart, I leaped for joy. I know God allowed things to happen and for me to realize that i was made to worship Him.

Early 2011, Sis Lally the President of WinGS asked me to lead women in dancing. With God’s Divine inspiration, He gave me steps & interpret the music “Yours” . The lyrics ministered first to me and that I shared with the WinGS . My view of the dance was totally changed. Dancing for God really doesn’t only need to move with music and moving with great steps & styles. It is not for entertainment & self gratification. It had to start with the right heart that is grateful and glorifies the Lord. As I lead the WinGS Creative Arts Dance Ministry, I pray that God will fill us all with His Holy Spirit and dance with a heart like David who danced with joy and all his might. Thank God for moving in the lives of my Sisters who joined in the ministry , kept the covenant & committed to the ministry through the arts of dance.

img_5321When we were in our mother’s womb we were already dancing and even in the beginning of God’s creation in Genesis 1:2 The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. That means the Spirit moved and movement is dancing. We were all created by God to move and to praise Him. Our mouth is not enough to speak praise and worship, we got to add more with movement. For God loves to see us all in action. Reaching out to Him and for Him. Acts 17:28 “for in Him we live and move and have our being”. To God be the glory.

Sister In Christ,
Joy Hernandez