WIN Catmon

AS the Word International Ministries missions
representative here Ireland I am very excited with what
the LORD is going to accomplish through us, through our
church and through the other churches in the European
region. This year we have adopted a new strategy for
missions, a new slogan for missions, and a new tagline
for missions in 2011.We are encouraging every adult
member to give a least two euro per week to support
missions. Two Euro doesn’t seem very much, (it will
barely get you a cup coffee), but if we all faithfully give,
all the two Euros together will soon add up. We will be
focusing on one project at a time, beginning with a
project to build a church/school in Cadiz, which is in
Negros, Visayas. We hope to finish this project before
the new school term begins in June. Jesus said “Let the
little children come to me, and do not hinder them”,
through this project we hope to do just that, the kids will
be given a good Christian education in the school, and
the church will be a place to meet the spiritual needs,
not only of the children, but also of the wider community.
Our new missions slogan of BUILDING THE BODY
Has a double meaning: expanding God’s kingdom and
building the church in all aspects. Our new missions
tagline for 2011 BEARING THE BURDEN this tagline
emphasises, that we are one body and one family and as
such we should be looking after one another’s needs.
Please continue to support our brothers and sisters, and
our missionaries and pastors that are less fortunate than
ourselves. Both financially and especially in prayer.

WIN Lapu Lapu

Bro. Hugh Carlton

WIN Ireland-Administrator

WIN Ireland Webmaster

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