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Puppet Ministry – a New Kind of Ministry to look forward too!

Puppet Ministry – a New Kind of Ministry to look forward too!


PUPPETS have caught the attention of audiences down through history helping people laugh, pretend, dream, empathize and learn new ideas. Puppet have become popular teachers through TV show, DVDs, schools and libraries. In the past years puppets have invaded the Church. Group of teenagers, families, teachers, missionaries, and others around the world are discovering an effective “WORK OF THEIR HAND” through PUPPET MINISTRY.

But just what puppet ministry? It can be different thing to different people. But it can be a segment of ministry, an effective tool, where several puppeteers and director use puppets to reach out to children. It can also help other ministries to promote activities by performing short skit, drama and song to add excitement on the events.

Countless churches, groups, and individuals around the world have discovered the colourful handful of foam rubber, fake fur, and cloth can become a ministry tool with eternal results. Also puppet ministry provides a fun opportunity for volunteers to share their faith and to learn how to work together as a team.

So what about you? Why not join and discover the impact puppet ministry can have, both on the lives of audiences and on the spiritual growth of puppet team members.


Stage(  ),curtain(  ),scripts pre-recorded cd or ready made(  ),puppets “adopt a puppet project”

SPECIFIC TRAITS OF PUPPETEERS: Basically anyone makes a good puppeteer, if you are willing to be!!!

ü      -committed to the ministry, teachable

ü      -dependable, enthusiastic, willing to work hard, able to get along with others

ü      -who see puppetry as a potential ministry to others, attend regular practice session “is a must”,( discuss freely accordingly on all schedule)

ü      -have a HEART for leading children in GOD’S word


ü      “There is more to this ministry than just putting on show, but the message we are giving to audience is more important than anything else.”

Where do we begin:

“Start in prayer. God has placed a desire in your heart to start a puppet ministry.”

Interested in joining the Puppet Ministry? You may fill up a Puppet Ministry Covenant Form and submit to Pastor Marlon Almonte or Sis Agnes Almonte

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