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Intercessory Challenge 2011 by Pastor Marlon Almonte

Intercessory Challenge 2011 by Pastor Marlon Almonte


An intercessor is one who “stands in the gap” between God and humankind.  Ultimately, Jesus is the Intercessor between God and humankind as His atoning sacrifice has provided the way for sinful, fallen humanity to be reconciled to God.  As the risen Lord, He is ascended to God’s right hand where He ministers as our High Priest continually interceding for us before God.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be a “royal priesthood,” which means that we are to intercede for each other and for those who have not yet become followers of Jesus.  We intercede for others through prayer that appeals to the atonement of Christ, stands upon the promises of God’s Word, resists the Enemy’s strategies to oppose God’s will, and receives the grace of God for those we are praying for.

Intercessory challenge will operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week through God’s grace.


  • Each one will choose their time slot in the registration section for 15-30minutes a day/per week.
  • Register with us by filling out the response form at the back.
    • Signify your committed time slot and sign the covenant form.
    • Keep us informed through email or text of any changes.
    • Check your email daily for any prayer needs that may have been forwarded to you.
    • Intercede for requests sent to you in as timely a manner as possible.
    • Send an email message to the person whose prayer request you received advising them that you will gladly  interceding for them, that you received their prayer request, and that you would like to hear from them with praise reports or further developments.

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