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How to Lead a Bible Study by Pastor Manny De Leon

How to Lead a Bible Study by Pastor Manny De Leon

    PASTOR Manny De Leon has presented a workshop last 19 Feb for our Care Group Leaders about the basic principles of leading a Bible Study. Here are some good reminders about the teaching:
    Benefits of Effective Bible Leading:
    1. People learn how to feed themselves from the Scriptures.
    2. It encourages regular patterns of Bible study.
    3. Everyone has an opportunity to participate.
    4.We benefit from other people’s insights.
    5. Participants become part of a caring community
    6. The leader learns from the group members.Where to Begin?
    1. Choose a Proper Study Guide (Christian Disciplines, Andrea Sterk and Peter Scazzero)
    2. Study a Book
    3. Study a Character
    4. Study a Topic
    In order to read the Bible with understanding, we need to answer three primary questions:
    What does it say? – Answering this question requires observation.
    What does it mean? – Answering this question requires interpretation.
    What does it mean to me? – Answering this question requires application.