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Happy, Holy, Healthy, and Heavenward – Exercise of Fasting is a Discipline for our Body and Spirit

Happy, Holy, Healthy, and Heavenward – Exercise of Fasting is a Discipline for our Body and Spirit

HAPPY, Holy, Healthy, and Heavenward – Exercise of Fasting is a discipline for our body and Spirit
– A Reflection on Pastora Ching Lansang’s Sunday Worship Service Message last 10 April 2011, Dublin Ireland

WE have learned today that Fasting is a discipline that every Christian must adopt to. The main thought of Fasting is the abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. In biblical sense, Fasting always caters to on spiritual purposes (Zechariah 7:5)

What’s Fasting all about?
1. First of all it is God ordained and God initiated. We musn’t dictate to our fasting but let the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us to fast.
2. Fasting also teaches us self control, moderation, constraint and leads to the same attitudes towards other things in life.
3. We must know that Gluttony is one of the deadly sins.
4. It teaches us self denial as followers of Jesus Christ. (Mathew 6:16-18)
5. Fasting is not to seek attention from others and its not for showing off.

Why do we need to Fast?
Fasting must be done with the right motives. Over and above it is an act of worship that will lead to glorifying God. When we fast we divert our attention from food to seeking God in prayer.

What are kinds of Fasting:
1.Normal fast- abstaining all food except water
2.Partial fast – restricted diet
3.Absolute fast – no food or water (Acts 9:9)
4.Supernatural Absolute fast – 40 days of no food and no water
5.Corporate or public fast – Annual fast (Joel 2:15). for Spiritual emergencies
Note: We can survive without food but not without water. Recall the Japanese Tsunami survivors.

The Practice of Fasting:
1. Progression should be observed
2. Begin with a partial fast if 24 hours duration once a week.
3. After 2 or 3 weeks you can attempt a normal fast 24 hrs
4. After several fasts with degree of success move up to 36 hrs fast
5. Pray upon the Lord about fasting for a longer period.

Purpose of Fasting: (Refer to Bible Verses for additional reference)
1. Acts 13:2- fasting unto God- God places a burden in our heart. It is our willingness of self discipline.
2. psalm 69:10- personal sanctification
3. Ezra 8:23 – to be heard
4. Jonah 3:5,10 – to change God’s mind
5. Isaiah 49:24-25- for deliverance from bondage
6. Daniel 9:2-3,21-22 – for revelation

Fasting for Personal Sanctity
1. Fasting is the divine corrective to the pride of human heart
2. Fasting means humbling and mourning for repentance and confession (Ezra 8:21, ISA 58:3)
3. We move from personal mourning if our sins to mourn for the sins of the church and the nation
4. Consecration unto God. (Acts 13:2-3)

To be Heard on High:
So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and he answered our prayer (Ezra 8:23)
Fasting is connected with seeking God drawing near to God (Isaiah 58). Prevailing with God
The man who prays with fasting is giving heaven notice that he is trully earnest.

For Revelation
Daniel 9:2-3, 21-22
Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28
Peter led to the Gentiles- Acts 10:9-23
Angelic message to Paul – acts 27:21-26

Benefits of Fasting
1. Time set apart for ministering to God
2. Fasting reveals what controls us
3. Fasting reminds us that God sustains us (Matt 4:4)
4. Fasting helps us keeping balance in our life (1 Cor 6:12)
5. Improved physical well being

In commemoration of WIN-Ireland’s 7 Days of Prayer and Fasting this coming 28 Jan to 3 Feb, 2013 we are reminding our brethren the meaning and benefits of Fasting.

Dear Brethren,
Please be reminded that by this time, you should have been praying for a prayer partner and by the start of the week you should have one.
Your prayer partner should have a copy of your own PRAYER POINTS/LISTS and vice versa.

1. Be in faith!
Prayerfully and thoughtfully fill out the prayer points page of this guide. Ask
the Holy Spirit for guidance. Be clear and specific about your faith goals in
your personal life, family, finances, and church.

2. Commit to a type of fast.
Pray about the kind of fast you will undertake and commit to it. Do not decide
on a DAY-TO-DAY basis. Commit before the fast and be determined. Ask God
for grace.

3. Plan your calendar.
Limit your physical and social activities during this period.

4. Prepare spiritually.
Believe God for a fresh
encounter with Him.

5. Prepare physically.
Be smart as you enter into this fast.

Feel free to copy the link, download or share this presentation to your group.