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Easter Greetings from Pastor Vic Lopez of WIN Silicon Valley

Easter Greetings from Pastor Vic Lopez of WIN Silicon Valley

A guest blog from  Pastor Victor Lopez,  Senior Pastor WORD International Ministries Silicon Valley (CA, USA), formerly Senior Pastor WORD International Ministries Ireland (WIN-Ireland)

Dear WIN Ireland Family,

Belated Happy Easter to all of you!!

Kumusta na po kayong lahat diyan?? Melissa and I are so happy to hear and see (through Facebook) the wonderful things God is doing in your midst. We saw that there are some improvements done at the sanctuary like the Sound booth and stage backdrop, we’ve seen pictures of the recently concluded WinGS conference with Ptra. Ching, the exciting WISL seminars done with Ptr. Stefan and Sis. Ching, the preparations for the Family Camp and Family Day, P&W retreat, and even the joint-cell group fellowships of the Beumont & Blanchardstown Care Groups (with lots of BBQ : ) !! We truly praise and thank God for each and everyone of you for looking after the church and faithfully serving God in whatever capacity He has called you.

Our family is fine by the grace of God. The Lord has favored us with a smaller home but He has filled it with many blessings. He also allowed us to buy a beautiful Nissan Quest van that suits our needs. (By the way, I passed my full license drive test just last Tuesday, Hallelujah!) We are also enjoying the warmer weather here plus the ‘Filipino ambience’ of Jollibee etc. : ) (Kaya kami tumataba… ng kaunti, hehehe!). JD has been selected in the school’s volleyball team and he’s really enjoying it along with his growing interest in music. Although, he’s struggling a bit with some subjects like Algebra and History, (he was placed in Grade 8 here because of his age where supposedly Grade 7 is the equivalent of his 1st year HS level there in Ireland); Mel and I are trying to motivate and help tutor him so he can cope up especially when he goes to High School next year. (We’d appreciate your prayers on this). Joshua though has adjusted well in the Grade 6 class he’s at. His report card and performance in school has been consistently high enabling him to be in the Honor roll last quarter, and even his science project got selected to be one of the school entries in the District level next month! (Thanks to his mom who helped him finish it : )! Both boys are growing up so fast and enjoying playing basketball with their new Kuya’s here. JD has improved in playing the drums and is now trying his hand on the keyboards as well. Joshua naman is learning to play Bass and also sings back-up during Youth Sundays every last Sunday of the month.

Mel and I are also fine and seeing God help us lead the new church here in Silicon Valley. Indeed, this is God’s church and it is His strategy and vision that we must pursue to grow this church. There are challenges but we are also thankful for the support of the members in following God. We have introduced changes / improvements in the Children’s Ministry and re-established the Bible Study groups. We are slowly developing a more Family oriented atmosphere during the worship service as well. Please pray for us and also the coming church anniversary on May 22 with the theme ‘Discovering the Manifold Grace of God’ from 1 Peter 4:10. We’re also having a Youth Camp on July 26-29 at the beautiful mountain camp site at Redwood Glen together with our sister church WIN-San Francisco. We have entitled it “SOUL’D OUT” with the theme ‘Holding Nothing Back’. Pray that God would bless these ministries plus also our desire to put up a bible study / outreach in Sacramento, CA (2 hours from here). We went there last month to visit some contacts who are interested to have a WIN church planted there.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and may God continue to encourage you as well to remain faithful and obediient to him. I wish to thank you for supporting Pastor Manny and his family in this transition time and more so when they arrive this July. God bless you all always!!

Pastor Vic


  1. Ian Ramirez

    Dear Pastor Vic,

    It was trully nice to hear from you with news of Gods blessing and your living condition in the States. It would trully be a blessing if everyone who knows you will hear from you. If you will permit me to post this in our website an I’ll just pick pictures from your FB page please let me know. The family here are enjoying the Irish summer and we are busy in many things but God makes it all possible for us to cope. The Family Day is this coming 2 May. We will miss you there. We are excited to hear the events in WIN SA as they all unfold.

    Regards and God bless!
    Bro Ian

  2. Ian Ramirez

    Thank you po Pastor Vic for this wonderful letter from you. Everything we do is all for His glory as we continue to serve Him. Ang bilis nga po ng panahon. I know God will continue to bless our Church as we continue to obey Him and love His people. Please send our greetings to Ate Mel and the kids. When I read JDs shout out in FB I know he fills “homesick” but his involvement in ministry and school will surely make him at home. If you remember Jakey po those months were the ones the brought Him to the Lord and all his talents came out. To God be the Glory!

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