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We are carefully monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to quickly mitigate any potential impact on our community location. We want to take every precaution to keep you healthy and safe. We are praying for all those impacted by this virus and trusting God, who is in control at all times.

Information about our worship services and events are posted through viber communications as soon as possible after any decisions are made by our Pastors and Leaders. We will continue to update with any new or additional information, and will also post any updates on our Facebook page ( and WIN Weekly Word.


19 September 2020

Dear Brethren,

Due to the Covid 19 Level 3 indoor events gathering restrictions the the WIN Chapelizod Church Service tomorrow are only conducted via online video livestream. The online registration submitted for Chapelizod and City Centre tomorrow until end of Sept are not going to be followed or adhered to until further notice.

We gently remind you to please not travel to the Chapelizod and City Centre church locations tomorrow. Please inform your family and friends about this developments who may not be in our Facebook Group as the Chapelizod Church will be open only for essential workers. No online services are available for Dublin City Centre therefore all congregants are encouraged to join via online livestream at 10am sharp tomorrow. There will be a Facebook livestream as well as watch party that will start at 9:55am.

If you have any further queries and questions regarding Dublin level 3 indoor gathering restrictions please dont hesitate to reach out to us.

Together we pray with you that very soon we will resume and return to congregational services again in the not so distant future.

God bless
WIN Ireland Sunday Service Planning Committee


13 March 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The PLT, Board, Ministry heads and CG leaders had a lengthy meeting last night to discuss the government advice on public gatherings issued yesterday and also to prayerfully decide the best solution to conduct our church services while ensuring that our kids are not socialising in large groups and our vulnerable, elderly and health Care workers are not put at risk of infection in this critical period in the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in this country.

After much deliberation, the final agreed temporary resolution was to limit church Sunday service to the web live stream for the next two weeks in order to support the government efforts to minimize the effect of the coronavirus spread. Therefore there will be no church service this week or next week at our Dublin Chapelizod and City Centre churches but instead the worship team and preacher will be live streamed to our homes at 10:00 am. Those who are concerned about making their offering to the Lord can use the alternative method which is by bank transfer using the church bank details and adding your envelope number to the advice section of lodgement. Further details on offering will follow this message. Though the service will be web streamed it is important that we participate in the worship and make our homes a place of reverence throughout the service time in order to experience the blessing of having church in our homes.

In addition to these temporary measures the following actions were also agreed.

• Youth Meetings will be cancelled for the next two weeks.

• Prayer Meetings will be done through Zoom video call.

• Care Group Bible study meetings are encouraged to be done online as well.

• Further details to follow in relation to live streaming address.

Lastly, the church leadership ask you to join them to pray that the protecting and healing hand of our mighty God be upon all of us and over the country of Ireland to spare this land from the potential devastation that this virus threatens us with and that he would give us courage wisdom and spiritual discernment to help those that are vulnerable and in distress at this time with the light of the Gospel. God bless you all.

The Church Leadership Council