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    Please use form below to enter your complete details as part of the Annual Church Census. If answer is "None" pls indicate "N/A" instead of leaving the fields blank.

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    Youth Camp / Family CampCouple's NightChristmas PartyAnniversaryDaily Vacation Bible School (DVBS)Family DaySports DayWorker's RetreatMother's/ Father's Day ServicePrayer and FastingEaster Service

    Ministries I would like to be involved in. If Spouse and Children have other ministry involvement and preferences, please indicate in Additional Information (Check multiple entries) (required)

    Helps / Seeds of HopePrayer MinistryOutreach and MissionsPraise and Worship MusicianPraise and Worship Back-up SingerTambourine Dance MinistryMedia / Audio Visual / ProjectionistWebsite Design and AdminAttendance / Follow-up (Internal)Follow-up and Care (External)Creative DanceChoirPrinting (Program/Designs)Catering/Food/CookingSpecial Occasions DecoratingChurch Promotions/MarketingVideo ProductionsMedical MissionsCarpentry / Plumbing/ Electrical/ CablingSeaman's MinistryLibrary and Missions StoreChildren's MinistryYouth Ministry LeadingEvent OrganizingChrists' Carpenters (Men's Ministry)WinGs (Women's Ministry)Couple's Ministry / Couple's NightWelcoming / Ushering / AnnouncementsSunday Service CoordinationPuppet Ministry / Drama / ActingFamily / Youth CampsChariots of Blessing (Hatid -Sundo) / DrivingAdministration / FinanceCare Group Leading / Asst LeadingDiscipleship Teaching - AdultsDiscipleship Teaching - Youth / KidsStreet EvangelismFund RaisingSound Booth / Audio TechnicianChurch CleaningParking Lot MinistryInventory Management / Property CustodianProgram Hosting (Master of Ceremonies)Art / Poster/ Stage Backdrop DesignYoung Adults/Singles MinistryFilipino Community Network RepresentativePastoring and ShepherdingMusical Instrument TeachingPhotographyLeadership Council/PLT/Board

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    GuitarBass GuitarDrumsKeyboardPianoViolinOthers -List in Additional Information

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    Additional Information that we need to know from you (If more than 5 Children/Dependent/Relatives list Names, Ages and birthdays here)

    Any suggestions how we (your church leaders/workers) can further improve our church service to you?

    I hereby declare that all the information I stated above are true and only for use for the purpose of the Annual Census of the WIN Ireland. WIN Ireland shall not use this information without consent from me. Thank you