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Are You a Parent? A Reflection on the Proper and Biblical Perspective on Parenting

Are You a Parent? A Reflection on the Proper and Biblical Perspective on Parenting


A Parenting Seminar conducted by Senior Pastor Rene Nepomuceno and Sis Rosanna Nepomuceno of WIN-UK – 5 June 2011, Dublin Ireland.

One of the most anticipated biblical teachings in our Church is about parenting. We as parents longed for conversation with each other on our experiences with caring for our children in the design the Lord wants. We are so blessed to have a full house of attendees – not just parents but youth as well. We have learned so much of what parenting is about to what it is not. We had a chance to be open up to others about our similar experiences and unique situations with our young children, teenage sons and daughters. In the end, it was a very enriching and worthwhile experience learning from Pastor Rene and Sis Rosanna about the biblical perspective of the best role in the world that is parenting. These are the learnings we reflected upon from this topic.

What is Parenting? We define Parenting to what it is not which are:

1. It is not merely to have babies to feed and clothe them.
2. It is not giving children what they want.
3. It is not scolding.
4. It is not moulding them to our culture.
5. It cannot be done by Proxy.
6. It is not sending children to school.

Parenting is a biblical concept and is therefore a story.

Parent – “Omnah” : According to the Old Testament book of Esther 2:20. It means bringing up, nourishment, rearing, training, providing for. Giving identity. According to Deutoronomy 6:4-7  Parenting means impressing upon Children. How to mold children. How they think, who they are.

Parenting – not just feeding them but giving them idenity. Faith, origin and purpose. Family name gives identity to a person – the root. Deut 6:20-25

Providing their needs as Father provides for our needs. See references in 1 Kings 8:9 and  Matthew 6:8.

Well Being – healthy food, safe shelter, clothing. Proper education, sports / exercise, appreciation = love which comes from God. Draw from the love of the Father.

Belongingness / Stability– Family ties. Play, friends, titos, community, teams, groups, hobbies, problems and solutions =====> GOD

Children ‘s Needs –  As parents we need to open up our doors to talk with them. Allow our children to come  to us and therefore it is a need to be satisfied.

Discipline ( Proverbs 22:6) – training which include mentoring, teaching, and coaching.

Moulding to them Godly virtues and characters ( Deut 6:4-7). – respect, honesty, purity, dignity, and industry

Hands on Role – The role of parenting is given by God to humanity, not meant to be delegated.

Adam (Red Earth in Greek) – referred as the first parent of the human race.

Schools are not a substitute for parenting. When we face our Lord, we will be assessed on how we took care of our children and not the church or the school they attended.

Stages                                                                      Parent Role                              Presence
Infancy                                                                       Pattern                                      Both Present

Childhood                                                                Pattern/Moral                           Both Present

Puberty (10-12)                                                       Moral / Social/ Sexual             Both Present

Adolescent (12-18)                                                Moral/ Social/ Sexual              Father and son Mother and daughter

Young Adulthood                                                    Social / Career                        Guidance

Adulthood                                                                 Honouring                                Independent

Idle mind is the workshop of the devil

Be wise enough to choose a partner that will be a good parent someday.

Pastor Rene and Sis Rosanna conducting questions to WIN IRL parents
Bro Ramil Servitillo asking candid questions about teenage parenting

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