WORD International School of Leadership (WISL)

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Basic Academic Formation



















Proposed Curriculum

First Year Courses

First Year  
Academic Formation  
Old Testament I Genesis – Chronicles I & 2
New Testament I Four Gospels
Church History I Acts – Pre Reformation
Christian Doctrine I Bibliogy – Pneumatology
Basic Hermeneutics General & Specific Cases


First Year  
Personal Formation  
Personal Formation Human Development
Christian Spirituality Spiritual Disciplines
Christian Ethics 10 Commandments/Sermon on the Mount



Second Year Courses

Second Year  
Academic Formation  
Old Testament II Prophets – Wisdom Lit.
New Testament II Epistles – Revelation
Church History II Reformation – Present
Christian Doctrine II Anthropology – Eschatology
Expository Preaching Writing to Delivery


Second Year  
Personal Formation  
Worship Theology & Practice
Christian Life in Today’s World Christian Transformers
Christian Life and Work Market Place
Christian Family Life Marriage & Parenting


Third Years Courses 


Academic Formation Program

Pastoral Children & Youth Worship & Music Counseling
Pastor Theology Child & Youth Development Church Worship Understanding People
Pastor Care & Counseling Ministry Practices Developing Worship  Theories & Techniques
Church Administration Practical Theology Biblical Studies of Worship Common Problems
Church Planting Pastoral Care Theology of Music & Worship Marriage and Family
Mission Youth Evangelism    


Personal Formation Program

Pastoral Children & Youth Worship & Music Counseling
Leadership Models Morality Morality Morality
Morality Sociology Sociology Sociology
Sociology Marriage & Parenting Marriage & Parenting Marriage & Parenting
Marriage & Parenting Body Life Ministry Body Life Ministry Family Ministry
Body Life Ministry      



Student Qualification


  1. At least with College degree (for academic degrees)
  2. Pass comprehension test (for WISL Certification)
  3. Recommended by immediate supervising minister
  4. At least 3 years as minister.


Teaching Methodology


  1. Reading and Research
  2. Lectures
  3. Group Dynamics
  4. Integration Sessions
  5. Creative Sessions
  6. Open Exams
  7. Writing essays



Open Learning


  1. Supervise learning
  2. Visiting lecturers
  3. Submission of essays
  4. Integrated and Creative sessions

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